Friday, October 1, 2010

His, Her, and Their Coat Closet, Tip 2

Tip 2: Bins for the floor. I used to hang my children's coats up on the rack. Every time they needed a coat, it was up to me to get it. That got old pretty fast. So, on the floor they went. Each child gets their own bin and now has control over getting their own coats. Do you have older kids who can reach the coats up top just fine? Use the bin on the floor idea to hold sports equipment, backpacks, shoes, or other items that are unsightly at the door.


  1. love this idea, but where do you keep your vaccuum/s?

  2. Kara, I am fortunate to have a closet underneath my stairs that I keep all my cleaning supplies in. If you keep your vacuum in your coat closet, you can still use this idea, just with stackable bins...even milk crates on their side with do the job (those are sometimes much cheaper than actual bins). Hope that helps!