Monday, October 25, 2010

And the Winner is....

Thank you to all those who participated in my first contest! Keep reading my blog for another chance to win!

Congratulations to Trish R. who guessed it correctly! My favorite organizing tool is the trash can! Disclaimer: be sure to recycle.

I love the trash can because it's a great way to keep the clutter down. I immediately throw out junk mail. I toss out odds and ends around the house. I throw away some of the kid's art projects because I really don't need 10,000 samples of their art. I love to throw away things more than anyone I know. And for all those skeptics out there: no, I've never regretted throwing something away. I've never thrown away something I actually needed or wanted. And I always recycle what I can. You should try it. It really does simplify your life!


  1. Considering your husband takes out the trash my answer was partially right.

  2. Well done husband. Go to Target and get yourself a partial gift card. :)