Sunday, October 3, 2010

His, Her, and Their Coat Closet, Tip 3

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a Martha Stewart closet. Literally - right off her website. And I think it's beautiful. And for those of you who have the time and money to do something like this, more power to you. But, I just don't. However, I can glean a tip.

Tip 3: Hooks on the door. This is very doable. I like the idea of putting hooks on the inside of the door for extra hanging space. Just be sure that there is enough space to close the door after you hang your items on it. Having doors that close is a very small way of adding peace to your life. If the doors are always ajar, it makes the room seem more cluttered than it really is.


  1. I use hooks in the inside of the kids' closet doors too, so they can hang up their pajamas each morning. My only trouble with hooks is that I wind up cramming too many things on each hook in the coat closet.

  2. And make sure that the screws you use don't come out the other side of the door.