Thursday, October 7, 2010

His, Her, and Their Coat Closet, (Final)Tip 5

All of this was in my closet that doesn't fit any of my children. What a waste of space!
Tip 5: Go through it! A classic organizing mistake is to "fix it and forget it" (who else is seeing that infomercial now?!). Once you organize something, you have to revisit every so often to maintain. I go through mine when the seasons change. That way I won't clutter up the bins with items that aren't being used. Purge the items you haven't worn in two years. 

What are some of your coat closet organizing ideas?  Post a comment so people can have more tips!

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  1. I bought inexpensive canvas square storage bins (slightly nicer than plastic), and ironed on each person's initials to their bin. Looked a bit neater and they all thought it was fabulous to have their initials on their stuff!