Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How a Plastic Knife and Brownies Can Simplify Your Life

 I think we all know that brownies can be magical. Just broke up with your significant other? Brownies help that. Just had a baby? Brownies help. Feeling bored? Yup, you guessed it - brownies.

However, I've frequently found that brownies can be complicated to cut. If you cut them too soon, you don't get that beautiful square that you're going for. Wait too late, sometimes they can be hard to get out of the pan and they STILL end up not being the picture perfect brownies you want. Until...

The plastic knife. I keep one in my silverware drawer just for the purpose of cutting brownies. They are cheap and work just as good as any of those expensive "brownie cutters" out there. Just be sure that if you do get brownie on the knife to wipe it clean before you make another cut. You will get beautiful brownies the simple way.

Now that you've finished reading this post, go make yourself (or someone you know) some brownies!


  1. And if you line your pan with aluminum foil, you have less mess and an easy way to life the entire brownie out of the pan at once to cut!

  2. Love that! I always line my dishes when cooking fish...never even thought to for brownies. I may have to make a batch just to try it out :)