Monday, April 4, 2011

Christopher Lowell's Hoarder Profile 3

The third profile from Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Organization is: 

Profile 3: Heartfelt Hoarder:

You love people. You love to save everything people give you because they gave it to you out of love. You don't want to throw away the sweet card that your aunt gave you 30 years ago because she gave it out of love for you. That flower that you pressed back in high school from your high school sweetheart meant so much to you at the time that you still keep it. Here's how to reclaim your house back:

1. If an item really means a lot to you, display it (frame, shadowbox, etc).
2. Create a memory box. Get a big plastic container with a lid and label the box "Memory Box". Put items in there that really are meaningful to you. Don't keep things because they used to be special or just because someone gave them to you.
3. Toss the rest. Most people would rather you enjoy your living space than be remembered by the card they wrote you years ago.

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