Monday, March 28, 2011

Christopher Lowell's Hoarder Profile 2

I recently read Christopher Lowell's Seven Layers of Organization. He gives eight profiles of people who are hoarders in some way or to some degree. Does this synoposis describe you?

Profile 2: Appropriate Appropiator:

Do people tend to give you stuff? Perhaps it's because you've never said no to anything in the past? Do people think you are a collector of things because you have knick nacks all over your house? You figure that if someone is offering something to you, you have to say yes? You don't. Do not feel like you have to keep or display something people give you - especially if it's not your taste. Not many people actually look around your home to see if you are displaying that picture frame they gave you for your birthday. And if they do - so what. Remember that it's YOUR home, not theirs.

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