Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparing For Next Year's Holidays

I know, I know. Chanukah isn’t even over and Christmas isn’t even hear yet. But, if you think ahead, you can make next year's season even better. Here’s how:

1.      Storage containers – Make sure you pack all your holiday items well and store them in labeled containers. If you don’t have enough containers, don’t just throw them in a plastic bag and forget about them…buy some during the after Christmas sales. Remember - see through it almost always best.

2.      Lights – They are such a pain to untangle…so don’t let them get tangled! Wrap one strand together and tie them with trash bag ties in two opposite spots. Then put one strand in a plastic grocery bag. Put all the bags into a large bin and there will be less swearing at the lights next year.

3.      Keep records – Did you make a delightful brie this year that got rave reviews? Did you find the perfect hot chocolate recipe that you made for gifts? Write that kind of information down on your computer and you’ll have it readily available for next year. We always say, “Oh, I’ll remember that detail next year.” But, we rarely do.

What are some of your favorite ways to prepare for next year?

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