Thursday, December 9, 2010

Organize Your Pantry, Step 2

Now, the fun part! Think about your space(s). You're going to want to group like-items together (all the cans, the baking items, your rice and pasta, snacks, etc). Figure out where you want those groupings to go. Some things to keep in mind:
  • Open space
    •  You're going to want to leave some open space to add items. Especially if you shop at Costco or another warehouse store or if you like to stock up on items that are on sale. So, don't fit your items as if they were a jigsaw puzzle. 
  • Accessibility
    • What items do you get to often? You don't want these on the floor or up high. 
    • Do you have kids or pets? Be sure to put items on their level that can't hurt them or you wouldn't mind them getting into. Like, probably not candy. I have cereal on my lowest shelf so my young kids can get it themselves in the morning.
  • Lazy Susans 
    • Utilize these handy things! I once put a client's oils and vinegars on a lazy susan so they would be able to reach them all without moving them all around. Another client uses one for canned goods.
    • These are especially good if your pantry has a corner shelf!
  • Utilize the floor 
    • Get bigger bins to put on the floor to keep things organized. I keep my baking items all together in one and my boxed mixes (cakes, extra flour, etc) in the other. I also keep a container of popcorn and also a bin for potatoes and onions.
Next step in the planning process: Make a list of storage bins you might need. I prefer clear plastic, so I can see what I have easily. But, you can also do decorative if that's what you want. WARNING: This is where most people will give up. They will look at their space and say "I have no idea what I need". Here's the remedy: Either hire me (shameless plug) or follow this method....

1. Take a picture of your pantry.
2.  Print it out.
3. Draw the bins on the picture.

This is a great way to be able to visualize what you think your needs are. If you don't like it, start over.

Tomorrow is my favorite part of the process...come back to find out what it is!!

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