Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Declutter Your Easter

Holidays are notorious for bringing clutter into your home. Fight against it! I wrote this post regarding Christmas, but it applies to Easter as well.

Here are some ideas to keep your Easter baskets clutter and junk free:

  • Give less! Kids don't need a lot to get excited. Give a few meaningful things. When you give too many things, kids don't learn to appreciate the few. You are then creating a future generation who doesn't know how to be content without lots of things. Smaller baskets will help you achieve this.
  • Avoid the Dollar Store (and the Dollar section of Target). There are some things that may be worth bringing them into your home. Don't get things just because you need to fill the basket or because they are cheap.
  • Go consumable. And it doesn't have to be candy! One of my daughters loves macaroni and cheese. She'd eat it at every meal for months in a row if I let her. Guess what's in her Easter basket? Yup, a box of mac and cheese. 
  • Go educational. Books! Books! Books! This is one of my favorite things to put in Easter baskets because I love to read and want to foster that in my children. Movies are also a great option.
  • Office Supplies. This one may turn some heads. For older kids or younger kids who go through tape and glue like crazy, put some office or art supplies in the basket.
  • Gardening. Stick some packets of seeds and a cute flower pot in the basket. Not only is it a great learning activity, but provides great family time as well.
Have a wonderful (and clutter free) Easter!


  1. Great Idea!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks! :-)

    1. Hope it's helpful! Thanks for reading!