Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charlotte Observer!

I had a great honor a few weeks ago to be interviewed by the talented reporter Crystal O'Gorman from the Charlotte Observer. I got to tell her about my passion for making life more meaningful through simplification and how I got started in my quest to simplify my life.

I was nursing my newborn baby standing in the kitchen as I tried to pull together a healthy dinner. My toddler was in tears, clinging to my legs . I felt stressed--not only because of the babies, but because the lack of peace and organization in my home. I opened the cabinet to get a certain pot, but I couldn't find it because there was just too much stuff. I was trying to throw together some kind of meal using whatever ingredients I could find because I hadn't planned our meals in advance.  So, as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. I decided to take control back of my house and my life.  

I am deeply grateful to be able to share my story. The interview ran in Wednesday's paper. You can check out the article here.


  1. This is so awesome Juls! Wish you lived closer I'd totally get some closet help. I still feel a good bit of chaos (colicky baby and teething 2 year old) but we have dinner in the freezer! I'm getting there!

    1. Just read the it! Maintenance is definitely my problem. I'm a natural just seems to keep seeming cluttered no matter how much I get rid of, and that without bringing a whole lot in...hmmm.

    2. That's life! Which is why maintenance is about 80% of organization. Many people get a space organized, but because it's not organized well or because they don't continue to check in on it, it grows again into a problem. Thus leading to frustrating and feelings of failure. I love that you're a purger. It's the best feeling in the world!