Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Favorte $5 or Less Tips From Pinterest

I've written about Pinterest before. And here I go again. This time I'm going to post some things that are quick and easy to do that will help you get organized.

1. Don't know where to keep your hair dryer? Maybe this will work.

2. Need help with your unraveling wrapping paper? How about this idea?

3. Need a ribbon over haul? Head over here to see how to best tame the ribbon.
4. Want to hang a wreath but don't like the nail through a cabinet look? Not keen on the hook showing? Try this.
5. Hate trying to find your phone charger on your night stand? Use this great tip for no more frustration.
6. Need scarf help (organizing that is...although Pinterest is also good at helping you tie them)? Check this great idea out.
7. Do you keep your aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc in your pantry and need a better system? I love this idea.
8. Have too many keys to keep them straight? Check out this great idea.


  1. Replies
    1. i have all of 2 keys on my key chain, but I love the idea for when I get my beach house, my mountain house, and my other beach house, and my mansion in Charlotte. Oh, and when I get my house in Raleigh. :)