Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Consider What Doesn't Simplify Your Life

Making gingerbread houses are category 2 for me.

Simplifying your life can be complicated. And most of the time requires you to be intentional about it. Pantries don't just organize themselves. Clutter doesn't just disappear. Unfortunately.

Here's a short list of how to think through what you need to simplify and what you can't simplify:

1. It simplifies my life. These are things that are easy to implement and solve a problem. Putting all your markers in a plastic bin. A hook at child height on the wall for coats. Having a system to organize the paperwork cluttering your home. Organizing your pantry.  

2. It doesn't simplify my life, but. Things in this category are either things you have to do or it's worth it to do. Laundry and dishes are a necessary evils. And while those acts in and of themselves don't simplify your life, they do in the long run. Because running out of clothes certainly doesn't keep your life simple. An example of "it doesn't simplify my life, but it's worth it" is the fish in my girl's bedroom. I change the water because the girls aren't old enough. The fish doesn't make my life simple - it complicates it. But, it's worth having it because of what it teaches my girls and how much they love it. Other examples may be a Christmas tree. So much work getting one, decorating it, keeping it watered, and cleaning up after it. But that wonderful piney smell may just be worth it to you. My kids are sometimes in this category. Perhaps a puppy would be. Or maybe just putting laundry away.

3. It doesn't simplify my life, therefore. Either get rid of it or don't do it. If it's not something that's worth the work or necessary, it's in this category. Facebook for many fits in this category. It wastes time, therefore get off of it.Trying to be crafty, when you're not. Having 25 coffee mugs in your stuffed cabinet.

It's almost the New Year. Now is a great time to consider these three categories and see if you need to be proactive and intentional about anything in your life. I am taking my own advice and here's my realization:

This blog has moved into the 3rd category for me. I have realized that I don't find joy anymore in writing blog posts. It's become work, therefore I'm cutting back. Not stopping. If something comes to me or I hear of a great organizing tip I may blog about it.

So, while the site isn't going to shut down, I'm devoting my spare time (what little I have) to things that give me life and simplify my life. Which these days happens to be these sweet little girls:

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2012 is filled with things that give you a simple and fulfilling life!

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