Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten in Ten on the Tenth

It's that time again. For those who are new to my blog, I write a post on the 10th of each month (well, except for the month or two after I had my baby) with 10 things you can do in about 10 minutes. So, the next time you have a spare 10 minutes, try to tackle some simplifying!
  1. Deep clean the kitchen sink.
  2. Check current events. For water cooler talk or because you're actually interested in them.
  3. Dust lamp shades.
  4. Match all your socks...throw away your orphans and ones with holes.
  5. Tweet.
  6. Update your Netflix queue.
  7. Go through your condiments section in the fridge and toss those that have expired beyond your comfort level.
  8. Go look in your bathroom(s) and stock them up with toilet paper.
  9. Clip your finger and/or toenails. Or check out my other post on fingernails.
  10. Sit down and rest!

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