Monday, June 20, 2011

Organizing My Hair Junk

My mess of a drawer hair bands and clips. It worked okay until I had my fourth baby. Now I just don't have the extra 5 seconds that it takes to find what I want. So, I took a trip to the Dollar Store (which has great storage options) and found some bins to separate the bands from the clips. Here's what it is now:

Organizing tip: put like items together. Just separating these two items (the bands from the clips) does wonders. I could have bought four smaller bins and organized it even more, but it wasn't worth the extra money to me.

Here is what my children's hair stuff looks like:

We don't have space in their bathroom, so this is in one of their dresser drawers, which was converted into a toy space. I got them involved in the sorting and organizing so they know where it all goes - not only teaching them responsibility, but saving me the time it takes to clean up their hair bows off the floor, out of their bed, under the table, etc.

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  1. Thx for the $ store tip. New one just opened nearby.