Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organizing Children's Artwork, Idea 4 (and the best idea, I think!)

Although I love my binder method and my memory bin method to organize my children's artwork, I also love my Wall Art Method.  It's basically an inexpensive way of displaying your children's art in your home, with the added bonus of the ability to change the art without having to take a picture frame off the wall and all that mess.

Here's how it works:

1. Shop! Go get 2 hooks - they can be as decorative or plain as you want them to be. Metal is better since it's sturdier. Also buy some wire - the kind that you hang frames with works well and is easy to find. Be sure to also buy the clips that you want to use.

2. Do. Start by marking where you want your hooks to go - which will depend on how long you want the display to be. Then drill the hooks almost all the way in.

3. Before drilling the hooks all the way into the wall, wrap the wire around the screw. Then drill the hook all the way in. Do the same on the other side.

4. Finish. Now put your clips (or just use clothes pins) and you're ready to display your children's sweet art! The fun thing about this is that you can rotate the art.

I employ this method in my girls' rooms, in our upstairs hall, and in my room. Not only is it a great way to display their artwork, but it's a whole lot cheaper than buying store bought art for walls. And the kids will feel proud that their art is displayed and you will not feel guilty when you toss it in the trash after it being up for a while!

This is the last post on organizing children's artwork. I hope one (or more) of these methods works for you! Happy organizing!

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