Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Schedule, Routines, and Lists - Oh My!

My sister gave me a wonderful book for Christmas - Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider. It's a beautiful, practical book on simply living.

She has a wonderful section on how she manages her household and schedule. One thing she uses is a "Daily Docket". It's a free pdf document that you can print and use as something to guide your days. I recreated something similar to it here - which is also pictured above.

Here's how I am planning on using this to make my life more simple:

Every day I create a To Do list. Usually on small notebook paper. Which ends up getting torn, taken by kids, lost on my desk. Or I end up making several of these to do lists and now I have multiple pieces of paper to keep up with. And I end up using a lot of paper.

I created the document (email me at julie.tringali@gmail.com if you'd like the document that you can tweak for yourself since the above is a pdf.doc). Then I printed out two copies. One for today. And the other for tomorrow. I did this because at the end of the day I may still have some things I need to do, but I also want to start tomorrow's to do list as well.

Then I put them in plastic sleeves. The thought of printing these out every other day made me a little nauseous. Not simple and not green. So, I put them in plastic sleeves. I'm using a wet erase marker (it's labeled for overhead transparencies) to write on it. That way I can erase it at the end of the day and reuse the paper. And by using a wet erase and not a dry erase marker, it doesn't accidentally rub off.

To get a better idea of how to use the Daily Docket, read Tsh's instructions here. And I hope this simplifies your life as much as it will simplify mine!

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