Monday, February 21, 2011

One Way to Store Pot and Pan Lids

I recently got a new set of stainless steel pots and pans. And I love them. No more feeling terrible about the toxins that are given off of Teflon. No more nervousness about the flaking off of the non-stick stuff.

However, I did have a new problem. Every single one of my new pots and pans had it's own lid. Where the heck to store them all. Here was my solution: Store them separately from the pots and pans themselves. "Wait, wait!" I can hear you say. "I thought like items were supposed to be stored together? Doesn't it make sense to store the lids with the bottoms?" Well, no it didn't in my kitchen. It may in yours. When I put all those lids in the same cabinet as the bottoms, the result was chaos, clutter, and a huge headache in trying to get the pans out.

So I put them under my oven. I had to move out some things that I rarely use (my rule in the kitchen: if you don't use it more than once a year, don't keep it in the kitchen). I had to move some baking dishes to another cabinet that had space for them. And now my pots and pans sanity has returned.

Here is my new cookware and the clutter-free cabinet that it's in. What I love best about this solution: it didn't cost a thing.

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