Monday, February 7, 2011

Carbon Checks

Checks...not many people use a lot of these like in past years. If you do or if you run a business and need to keep the carbon copies, read number 1. If you use checks, but not carbon copies, read number 2.

1. Save the boxes your checks come in. Once you've used all the checks out of the checkbook, put the carbon copies back in the box and write the dates on the outside of the box. Be sure to tape the box closed once it's full.

In the event that you need to reference them again, you will be able to find the date quickly. They are easy to store and easy to shred when you no longer need them.

2. If you don't use carbon copies - still keep those boxes your checks come in! Put them in a drawer and use them to organize small items like pens, paper clips, scissors, etc. Can't beat free storage!

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