Friday, November 5, 2010

Organize Earrings, Idea 3

3. Screen Frame

Get a picture frame and attach screen to it. And while I don't like this person's taste in earrings, I do like the idea. And it might work for me. But, it will also BE work for me. The thought of taking on this project does not simplify my life. So, I keep looking.


  1. Cool idea, but Im with you....I have no patience for that! LOL...I have a jewelry box, but they all get jumbled up and the faux with the real get all discolored, etc.
    I also need to find a necklace hanger of some sort!

  2. Watch out-- you don't wanna loose any excessively-large-earring-wearing-readers, now :-)
    Really, though-- is stapling a screen to a frame any more work than going to Target to buy plastic storage boxes? Or hanging up a magnetic knife strip? Are you thinking of more of a jewelry box-type solution?