Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Functional Utensil Holders

We all have them. Those circular things on our counters that hold our cooking utensils. Well, a year ago when we were redoing our kitchen counters, I started thinking about mine. How it didn’t hold all my utensils that I used on a regular basis. It was not efficient, which means it was not simplifying my life. So, I changed it. I bought a rectangular one instead of the classic circle. Here’s why:
  1. Go take a look at beside and behind your circular utensil holder. There’s probably quite a few crumbs and dust. A square or rectangle can be pushed against the back of the counter, therefore making less space for crumbs to hide…meaning less cleaning time for you.
  2. More space on the counter. Circles have wasted space. Squares and rectangles do not. My rectangular one created some much needed space.
For full disclosure: I still have a utensil drawer. I keep items I rarely use in there. Like my potato masher, my second soup ladle, and my skimmer. Don't clutter up your utensil drawers with items you don't regularly use.

1 comment:

  1. I can't find a rectangular utensil holder and I'm googled out! I'm hoping it's not too late (almost 2 years!) to ask where you got yours :)