Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Love Your Knife Storage?

I hate knife blocks. I really hate them. I understand that they are functional. But, there’s just no beauty. And they take up real estate on counters. Sometimes precious real estate. So, here are some other options to store knives: 
  1. The drawer. If you have the drawer space, get a utensil divider/holder and store those knives in the drawer. I would recommend covers for your knives for this method. Or thisWe don't want anyone to loose fingers when they reach for a knife. 
  2. The metal strip. I LOVE mine. They are much prettier than the classic block. They are a magnetic strip that hangs on the wall, then the knives stay up via magnet.
So, there you go. Another way to simplify your life by adding space and beauty to your kitchen.


  1. Am so going to need you to come visit and help me set up my new kitchen after this reno project. Not only do I have the block on the counter, I also have two different drawers with loose knives in them. Ugh.

  2. Wow. Do you use all those knives?