Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Tip From a Reader: Kids Clothes!

Believe it or not, it's almost that change over clothes from summer to fall/winter. Here's a great reader suggestion if you have kids and they are the same sex kids and are close in age:

My two youngest girls, ages 8 and 6, share a room.  And though they are 27 months apart, they are the same size and share almost all of their clothes.  The system of two dressers, one for each child, was not working.  Each would often go through both dressers looking for a certain shirt or pajamas, leaving an untidy drawer behind, which made more work for me.  And even though they had different items in each drawer, it was either half full or overflowing.  So I changed my thinking.  Instead of one dresser per child, I used both dressers and labeled all drawers by item of clothing.  It is working much better and I had enough drawers for extra things like sweatshirts and swimsuits.  And the girls only have to look in one place for a certain article of clothing!

 Thanks Amy C. for this great tip! 

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