Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meal Planning, Part 2 - Self Assessment

Self-assessment sounds kind of drab. And many people skip this step when organizing because it's not the fun part. Resist the urge to skip this step! Chances are, if you skip it - your organization system(s) will not work as well as they could. This is one of the reasons so many people get frustrated with organization, don't even try to organize, or just give up on any effort they've made. 

So, think through the following list as it relates to what you are currently doing for meals:
  1. Variety of meals
  2. Health of meals
  3. Cost of meals  
  4. Time in preparing meals  
  5. Anxiety level surrounding food (which meal causes most anxiety - breakfast, lunch,dinner?)  
  6. Picky eaters (kids, spouse, self)  
  7. Meal times (do you eat when you want?)  
  8. Eating out / junk food / convenience food / frozen meals too often?  
  9. Do you know how to cook from scratch?  
  10. Anxiety over your stocked goods (running out of staples)?
Now, ask the following questions as it relates to the categories above:
  1. What’s working?  
  2. What’s not working? Do you know why?  
  3. I get frustrated when __________.
Once you can pin point where you need the help, you can come up with a system to help. This step will help you filter through all the information I will be giving in my next several posts. 

Every great CEO has a reason behind all they do. You are the CEO of your home and kitchen, so be sure you know what problems you're trying to solve before you take action.

Tomorrow I'll get into the how to part of meal planning - that's the best part! So, be sure to come back and check it out! 

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