Monday, January 3, 2011

How Many Mugs Do You Own?

Do you have a coffee mug addiction? Not sure? Go to your kitchen and count your mugs. How many do you have in your cabinet? If your answer is one of the following, you have a mug problem:

1. I'm embarrassed to say the number out loud.
2. Don't talk to me about MY coffee mugs. Go count your own mugs, buddy!
3. But I may need them all one day!
4. Listen lady, I'm not getting rid of any of my 40 mugs...they are all special to me!

If you answered similar to number 1 - get rid of some!! Repeat to yourself: My kitchen is NOT a diner. My kitchen is NOT a diner.

If you answered similar to number 2 - you're in denial. Go ask a friend to come help you count and please don't get mad at him or her when they tell you that you have too many.

If you answered similar to number 3 - read on, friend. I know that you like to keep mugs in case you have company over and you need extra. Fine. I get that. Just don't keep them in the kitchen. Box them up and put them in a deep dark closet. A garage. A basement. Whatever makes the most sense for your home. Rule of thumb for the kitchen: If you haven't used it in a year, it doesn't need to be in the kitchen.

If you answered similar to number 4 - I get ya. I know that people give mugs to others. A lot. But, there's still a limit to how many sentimental things we can keep. Here's what you need to do to help gain cabinet control back:
  • Sort through your mugs. Donate all the ones that don't mean anything to you. Put back the ones that are the most meaningful to you. Repurpose those in between. Put a mug on your desk for pens. Plant  flowers in some and create a beautiful arrangement on your porch. Turn one into a candy bowl in  your living room or guest room. Keep your tooth brush and paste in one.
So, really...go count your mugs and purge if you have too many. Remember, you can only drink from one at a time!


  1. I am so addicted to coffee mugs! I must've spent so much money at buying all the mugs I got, lol!

    I definitely need to get rid of some, I'm probably going to give some to my mom. Good idea about donating the ones that don't mean anything to you and keeping the ones you like the most.

  2. Ok! I'm really starting love coffee and special rare coffee mugs! I got 4 of my favorites but my question is: where can i get the one you have in the blog! I really want it! Promise you I wouldn't have more than 10!