Monday, January 24, 2011

6 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Follow the tips that work for your space to regain sanity and order in your bathroom: remember that it is one of the most used rooms in the house!

1. Counter tops - Try to keep your counters as free from junk as possible – store everything that you don't use daily in a cabinet or drawer, only keep it out on the counter if you use it daily.

2. Drawers – Use drawer dividers to keep small items - floss, makeup, nail clippers, jewelry – in order and easily accessible.

3. Bulk purchases – Don't waste active storage space on bulk purchases – keep those 3 gallon refill bottles of shampoo and 64 rolls of toilet paper somewhere else out of the way.

4. Cleaning supplies – Save time on cleaning day by storing supplies – tub and tile spray, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner – in a bucket under the sink or on a closet shelf.

5. Storage containers - Use plastic see through storage bins to sort items that are underneath your cabinets. Consider putting a hanging shoe organizer on the back of the door for extra storage or everyday use items that you don't have room for on the counter. Think about the walls - add shelves or suction cupped holders to create more space.   

6. Medicine cabinet - Go through your medicine cabinet (and make-up while you're at it ladies) and throw away everything that has expired or you no longer use. Fight the urge to keep it just because you "might need it someday".

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