Monday, July 9, 2012

Command Station

No, this post isn't about a space movie with the command central station. It's about having a place designated for order. A place for your keys, mail, to do lists, grocery lists, etc.

Here are some options:

  • Kitchen. This works great if you have a large kitchen or one of those great built-in desks in the kitchen. If you have a large kitchen and are not using all of the counters, I kinda don't like you. Just because I'm jealous. Lucky for you though - designate some of that counter space to a command station where you drop your keys and mail. 

  • The foyer. If you have the space, have an entry way table where you can drop you keys and mail. Have a basket, plate, bowl or something like that to contain your items. This is the option I use (pictured above). My foyer has a shoe bench and this table where the keys, sunglasses, mail, etc go.  Personally, if I don't drop my keys off when I first come in, I can't find them when I need them.

  • If your front door opens right up to the living room (doesn't have an entry hall), designate a corner or wall spot in the living room for the entry items (keys, phone, mail, etc). Again, have it on a table with baskets, bowls, plates, to keep the items organized.

  • Garage. If you always come into your house through a garage, set up your command station right in the garage. Be aware of heat and cold though. You don't want your key chain to melt in the summer.

Wherever you set up your command station, be sure it works for you. If you find yourself never remembering to drop your keys where you set it up, perhaps that space isn't the best place. If you always put your mail on the dining room table, but then have to move it for every's not working for you. Move the mail somewhere else. The key to good organizing is to:

1. Analyze the problem
2. Think about a solution that works
3. Implement the solution
4. Make sure that's the right solution. Just because it's a solution, doesn't mean it's the right solution. Check back to make sure the problem is actually solved. If not, find a different solution. 

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