Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lego Creation Paper Organization

I got a strange request from a client to help her organize her son's Lego instruction sheets. I thought it strange since I have all daughters and Legos have yet to enter our home. Barbies, horses, and Polly Pockets - yes. Thankfully, they don't come with instruction sheets.

So when she asked me to organize the Lego instructions, I didn't really know what they were. Until...

So, here's the after:

I put paper clips on the top of the plastic sheet protectors so the Lego books wouldn't fall out and get disorganized again should one of the boys turn the book upside down.

So, all you parents of boys (or any men who happen to still like Legos): how do you organize all those books that come with Legos?


  1. Julie, my question is how would you organize the actual Legos? Chris has taken this up again as his latest hobby and I want to encourage, but even with the bins he's using, they're beginning to take over (and in our small apartment, we have not much storage or the ability to display any of them). Thanks!

  2. I too require major suggestions in the actual Lego organizing. I have purchased about every product know to man and no systems have worked to date. Not at all because we haven't tried - they just turn out to be too hard to open, son doesn't want to dismantle large items and doesn't want to sort by each piece type either (although we tried this for while). I see no end in sight - he is still 12 and many of his friends still love and enjoy them so they are not "going away" as the Polly pockets do :)

  3. Junius's are all just piled on shelves in his closet. It's a mess -- might try your suggestion. And yes, the Legos themselves are a whole separate disaster. Let me know if you want to come over here and come up with a system :)

  4. Just finished a post on organizing the actual Legos. Look for it tomorrow and I hope it helps!

  5. Thanks! I need to do this so bad and I had this idea in my mind.

  6. Alisha, good luck! I hope the system works well for you!