Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top Three Tips for Organizing Success


Just like this Seurat, if you get caught up in details when thinking about the big picture, you'll miss the point. So, think bigger vision here:

1. Think about storage as active or inactive: active storage includes things like the medicine cabinet, the drawers in your kitchen, the pantry. Inactive storage includes the garage, the linen closet, the laundry room shelves, etc. Keep active storage simple and clutter free. If you have a lot of things, keep them in the inactive areas.

2. Everything needs to have a home. Do a good job of putting things away right away so there’s not a pile of things to be put away. If you happen to come across an item that doesn’t have a home, do not ask yourself “where should this go?” But, ask yourself “where will I look for this the next time I need it?”

3. Stuff and time: the less stuff, the more time! Keep your life full of the meaningful things: relationships. Not things.

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  1. I've never thought about active and inactive storage. I like that idea!